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Thursday, September 6, 2018

It just takes a minute...

It just takes a minute to acknowledge someone's presence.

I love people. I love talking to people. I love talking to all nationalities. Give me someone to talk to... and you may end up with my phone number. LOL!

I will find something to talk to you about, BUT I also know when people don't want to talk and I respect that... BUT you know what... just because you don't want to talk to someone doesn't mean you should ignore that person.

Oh don't get me wrong... I have done it... we have all done it. But as I have matured as a person, matured in my relationship with God and traveled the world meeting ALL kinds of people I have learned EVERYONE matters! EVERYONE! Everyone deserves a 'Hey! How's it goin'?'.

So let me tell you why this blog is even being written... I think the rudest thing anyone can do is ignore that you are even in their vicinity.

Two incidences happened yesterday that just hurt and got me all riled up and in both situations I was ignored. One was at the grocery store... I looked up at the woman slowly walking toward me, who I know and knows me and she slowly strolled right by me and didn't even look at me... not even a glance. I was dumbfounded... completely taken back that she didn't even acknowledge my presence. I wasn't looking for a conversation... just a 'Hey! How's it goin'?' or a smile.

The second incident happened last night durning my oldest daughter's Volleyball game. This woman who I have known for the past 2 years sat right by me and never once said Hello. Never once looked my way! Then to top it off another women who I have know for a while and have volunteered with in the past also didn't acknowledge my presence either. I mean... what gives people the right. Am I just not worthy of their acknowledgment?

I mean don't get me wrong... I am not having a pity party I promise... it's just the fact that they know me, I know them, they see me and there is NOTHING!

You might be asking yourself... 'Well, Sterling have you said HI to them?' YES I have! You know what happened... a blank stare. So RIDICULOUS!

I am not writing this to cry about my problems. I am writing this to say sorry if you have experienced this kind of hurt. I am writing this as an encouragement that your life does matter. I am writing this to those of you who have done this and continue to do this... to ask you to please stop and acknowledge people... just say Hi and give them some eye contact.

We all just want to be seen. We don't care if you don't remember our names (because who can remember all that... NO ONE!). We don't care if it is a short or long 'Hey! How's it goin?' We were made for community. We were made to love on each other and be neighborly. We were ALL worthy of kindness. So lets all try to give a little more eye contact and give a good 'Hello. How are you?'... this simple acknowledgment could go a long way. It could bless you or bless the person on the receiving end more than you may ever know.

It just takes a minute.

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