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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Day 1 and 2 on the Ground in Pindobal

I have issues... Day 1 I had major pride issues. I knew this could be and issue from the beginning. After the first Amazon meeting it didn't take long for satan to say to me "Remember you don't have anything important to offer to these people.  You have no medical skills to help with their aliments. What are you going to do? You are not going to bring glory to God! It won't matter if you teach these kids, because it won't affect the Kingdom." This has been twirling off and on in my mind. I am going to be honest the first day I had a bad attitude, because I didn't feel appreciated, like I (we) were doing the "important" work, and  we were getting overlooked because we weren't bringing physical relief or praying with people to receive Christ. This is how I felt after lunch. I had a really bad attitude... A bad taste in my mouth. All day my bad attitude lingered. I know this was horrible... Please don't judge me, but God met me right at my bad attitude. He met me in my pride and pouty attitude. He didn't leave me, because I was acting undesirable. I felt His compassion and repented. Ever since that moment He released me from shame that likes to rear its ugly head every now and again. Shame that I am not smart and will never have anything to offer. But my Heavenly Father lifted my head and put my crown back on me. He reminded me I am His daughter and I have great things to offer His world. My attitude completely changed the evening of Day 1 and moved on to Day 2. We told Bible Stories, made crafts, and played soooo many games with the kids. It was fun and I hope they remember our time with them forever, because I know I will.

The evening of Day 2 was amazing! There were 14 women who proclaimed that Jesus was their Lord and Savior. 14 women took the plunge and are on fire for our risen Savior! Two of those girls were 12 years old. These two 12 year old girls were in our classes, playing games with us, and in and out of Omar's Bible classes. I am blessed and honored to have been part of such a HUGE kingdom moment.