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Friday, September 2, 2016

Time and Big Big Things

I am writing this, because I finally have time! Actually I really don't have the time... I should be working. I should be folding clothes that people purchased and packing them up to ship. But, I'm not. LOL! I am going to fill you in on some stuff that has changed in the Greene family.

First, this past year (1 year this month) has been HARD!! Gut wrenching, in the wilderness, drowning in tears HARD! I have been to the depth of not knowing what to do, how to respond, and some days how to even do life... I was in the deep wilderness... Like the Israelites being taken out of the "comfortable" Egypt to the hot deserty baking sand wilderness. It has been a YEAR of this! I was so tired and so weary of the pain... I was so over it! But, God never once left me (and I type this with tears)... He never once gave up on me... He never once dropped me. Because of his tenderness and his constant presence... He has guided my heart to forgiveness. A forgiveness I can't even put into words... A forgiveness I cannot do on my own, but wait for him to lead me and guide me. Because if I go on my own with his forgiveness it will not be perfect it will turn into a human mess! I am praising God through his undying love for me.

Second, in December Bob and I began a new journey. We joined a company called LuLaRoe. This is a company, who designs and makes the most amazing comfortable and modest clothes I have ever put on my body. I wasn't really sure why we joined this company at the time except maybe to help my family out financially, but I have come to realize it is more than that. I have made awesome friends through this adventure and I have found a part of me that has been hidden for a long time. Even though I have been super busy with my new business... Bob and I have had quality time together as we do this together and learning together and growing together. It has been a whirlwind, but so much fun!

Third, God is calling Bob and I on an adventure of a lifetime at the end of this month. We will be joining Kingsland on a Mission Trip to Brazil to travel down the Amazon River to visit with the Munduruku people throughout the forrest. We will travel down the Amazon River in a house boat (as our head quarters) to meet the different tribes. We will disciple the believers, provide medical care to the people (we do have a team of doctors and dentists going), and also pouring into the the kids in these different tribal villages. Bob and I are super excited about this adventure God has specifically called us to go on together. We are in awe of his love, protection, and guidance as we have no idea what to expect.

All I can say is I want more of my Heavenly Father. I have come to this deep realization that I can do nothing without Him. This life is hard, bumpy, and so rough. There is so much pain and torment that the darkness of these heavy things can consume us to a place where we can't get out of... unless we turn our entire trust to Him to bring us out. I have tried to do it on my own... it didn't work and if it did it was only temporary. Temporary is not enough... I think each time the temporary wears off it take us to a new low. We have to stop focusing on what I can do and focus on what can God do to make this temporary into a FOREVER a COMPLETENESS. I am absolutely not perfect and still learning, but I do know anything with our Him is incomplete... Dead.

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