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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Our Adventure has begun!

I am already loving being with these Seniors! (They have spunk!) After we got to our gate everyone decided they were hungry and they left. Don't worry... I was the responsible adult and stayed with their luggage. ;) (of course they asked) It was Omar and I for a while just talking about life, mission trips, and friends, but then time was getting close to boarding and we were wondering when everyone was going to return... No worries the Seniors strolled in right on time. They were all cool and collective about it. LOL!

We all lined up to board the flight and Kylie (the other chaperone) and I counted heads and all were accounted for and boarded. They all gracefully maneuvered around the cabin asking people politely if they wouldn't mind moving seats so they could sit with their friends and of course as cute as they are no one refused. (I remember when I was that cute)

Once everyone began to get comfortable and finding a "home" for all the 15 million items given to you as soon as you find your seat... two of the girls came to report there was a "crazy" man in the back. He was not a happy camper, because he was getting deported... Next thing you know he is walking off the plane chained up with an entourage following him and a smirk on his face. 

The plane took off and everyone was all snug in their seats, watching movies, and being interrupted by announcements (that I simply cannot understand)... When they start to pass out little treats... I was unsure what it actually was until I smelt it. It was a little cube that smelled like peanut butter. I put it in my mouth and it was a tad rubbery with a taste of nuts. In my head I shout "Nnnnoooo!", because one of the Seniors has a peanut allergy. I instantly tapped on Austin and asked him if he smelled nuts. He told me he wasn't going to eat it... But they were wondering if it had cinnamon in it. And then in my head I shout "Nnnnoooo!", because another young lady has an allergy to cinnamon. She looked at me asking how it tasted. I told her not bad but not good. She asked if it had cinnamon in it and I said I don't know. Thankfully no one was feeling brave. We survived our first weird food on the trip.

I know the stewardess' speak English, but I cannot understand them very well... And with the loudness of the plane and the pressure in my ears... I just smile and nod. Sometimes that is all you can do, right? I will say this though... I am an Airline snob. So far Emirates wins, but I still have about 13 more hours (or so) with Turkish. So here is my input about Turkish airlines... It's good. The stewardess are nice and were pleasant for the whole 13 hours they were with us, the seats were so uncomfortable, and to me there was less leg room than Emirates. But as Omar says nothing touch Emirates. I am so very thankful for the stewardess, their servant hearts, and the patience they have showed us through our travels.

We are now on our last leg and I can barley keep my eye lids open, but we have about 20 minutes left on this last flight and on to bed we go. I am over and beyond thankful that I am able to go on the trip and see what God sees as He graciously gives us the eyes to see what He sees and to to break our hearts for what breaks His. To Him be the glory forever and ever.

We have arrived safely to our country and to our sleeping station and guess what... I'm not tired. LOL! I am sitting with a few other ladies in the dining hall getting our Wifi "fix". Thank you all for the many many prayers they were felt and we had such easy flights, connections, great attitudes, and all our luggage arrived safely. Tomorrow begins a new adventurous day! 

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