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Monday, July 13, 2015

Day 6 Can You Imagine?

Can you imagine being happy, having a nice normal home with your family. You have a good business that takes care of all of your families needs. You have friends and family surrounding you. One day you hear about horrible people in a nearby city threatening innocent people with guns and they take all the innocent wives and young girls to do whatever they want with them and sell them for 100 dollars. You hear this and begin to become scared for your lives and your families lives. You consider leaving, but you hear from the military that you should not leave and that you will be safe. So you trust them and believe what they say. Then you begin to hear more stories of what these horrible people are doing and you hear they are moving closer to your city. You decide to leave in the middle of the night when none of the military will know and you plan an exit strategy with other families and the whole town is deciding to do the same thing. You leave in the middle of the night and there are about 40,000 people in the streets fleeing just like you. 40,000 people! Kids, the elderly, some disabled, women, men all trying to seek safety. You have to sneak and be very quiet, because if you are heard you could get shot and killed! All you want is to get your family to the city of safety ASAP! Children and women are crying, but you have to be quiet. You get to safety and you have to leave all your possessions outside the security gates and you go in to find a place to rest your head and there are people everywhere! You end up finding a spot for your family on the street, so you lay down the few blankets you brought in to the city. You sleep outside in the cold nights for one whole month! One whole month of sleeping outside when you were just sleeping in a nice house with a roof over your head and a warm bed to snuggle up in. You are devastated and still fear ISIS will attack! You finally get placed in Jordan, your temporary home for who knows how long... With nothing! The shirt on your back and maybe a couple of pictures or whatever you could carry in a bag. That's it! Now you wait... And wait... And wait... And wait... And wait... You are waiting to hear from the United Nations... Waiting to find out where your new permanent home will be. But as you wait you can not work. There is nothing to do while you wait... Not enough food to eat or snack on... You worry about EVERYTHING! How will I pay my rent? How will I buy the next meal? How will I pay for that doctor visit? How will I pay for that surgery? Will my family and I ever have peace again? Will my family and I ever be happy again? Etc.

This is it, friends! Over 4 million refugees have experienced everything I just had you imagine or worse! Over 4 million people are feeling this type of pain that can not be described into words and everytime I walk into one of these families homes the Lord allows me to feel a tiny bit of their pain. And just by that tiny bit of pain I cry, because I could never imagine that type of pain in a whole.

This trip has been emotionally hard on me. It has shaken me to a new level. A type of sadness and grief I ever never experienced. But you wanna know the amazing part that makes me fall to my knees and give praise to the God of the Universe... He has brought them to safety, protected them, and He is more alive in their lives and ever present, because of their devotion and belief and faith that their Jesus would bring them through the storm. It may not be perfect and they are still grieving and sad, but they know they are not alone in this and God is fighting for their lives. For me their is nothing greater!

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