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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Day 5 Sanctity of Life

I will be honest... Before the Lord started sending me abroad I didn't have any clue on the importance of human life... I mean I did, but I didn't. I had no clue of the enormous lack of dignity for the human life around the world. As I have traveled I have learned many things new every trip. This time my horizons have been broadened even more.

I am simply blown away by ISIS! (not in a good way) I know we have all heard stuff on the news and we have our own views on it all, but I (we) have heard the pain from the very lips of the victims. ISIS somehow has no sense of humanity and that I can not wrap my mind around!

I have seen pictures and heard stories of people... Men, women, babies getting blown up or being shot point blank, because they have different ideas or thoughts about things, different religion, or simply ISIS wants what the other person has and they shoot them point blank. Can you imagine having a gun pointed and pressed into your forehead while being yelled at? I simply cannot.

This is the kind of people we have met this trip. This is the kind of stories we have heard over and over and over. And you wanna know something... It kills me everytime!

This man, Peter use to work for the United States Army as a translator when the U.S. were stationed in Iraq. Peter is very proud of the work he did along side the U.S., but once we left he had to find a new job to pay for all his bills. He started working for himself and making BBQ food. The police came to him and said he was Christian and he could not work and feed Muslims, so they ruined his business and they destroyed everything. Peter picked up his destroyed BBQ stand and repaired it and started again working and selling BBQ. The police found him again and began to ruin him... They beat the living life out of him... They broke his hand, arm, teeth, face, etc. he then decided he must leave Iraq. If you ever get the privilege to meet this guy he is the sweetest kindest gentlest man. 

The other day he was leaving our compound and I said "I'll see you tomorrow!" and said probably not, but two days passed and he was here waiting for us when we returned home last night. He longed to be reunited with us and it was our desire to see him as well. Last night a group of us went on a walk I asked Peter to come along and he did. He showed me a picture that was on his phone and it was a picture of a man. I said to Peter "He is very nice looking." (I know odd and random but I usually say what I am thinking) Peter said "Yes, he is. He died yesterday. ISIS killed him." I was shocked and sad for Peter, because I knew this hit him deep. He said "He was a good man." I asked why they killed him and he said "Because he fought against ISIS." I tried to come up with words, but I couldn't. I told Peter I was so so sorry several times. I mean what do you say? He was sad, but maybe numb. 

My heart is aching, because this is what every Iraqi and Syrian refugee are going through (and other refugee ethnicities).  I just don't have words for this pain and sadness I feel for my brothers and sisters.

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