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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Day 1 of the Beginning in Jordan

Morning blessings: hot water, A/C, pleasant attitudes, Spark (coffee for my fellow friends), breakfast, Wifi, 4 a.m. call to prayer, thankful to be here, safety on travels, same calling for everybody to be here.

Today is the beginning of Ramadan. A month long Muslim holiday. They fast from 4am to 8pm... Well we found out today that it is disrespectful to eat or drink in public and more than that it is a law to not eat in public during 4am-8pm. So it has been hard today as we have been out in public and not able to drink or eat. With the heat here and in and out of some warm houses we really need to drink, but we are restricted and our eating is all off schedule as well, because lunch wasn't until 2:30pm today and dinner won't be until 8:30pm tonight... So I will tell ya I was feeling a little shaky while we were out visiting families. But God was faithful and provided us with tea and water at homes.

Before we left this morning we packed the bags we would take to the refugees and in the bags were 3 cans of beans, 1 large can of chicken spam, 3 packages of spaghetti noodles, 1 package powder milk, 2 tomato paste cartons, sugar, tea, 2 ramen like noodles, grains, lentils, tub of cheese, dry beans, olive oil, and rice. We ended up packing 150 bags that we will distribute to families these next 10 days. 

So we packed the bags, then we went out into 4 teams and visited 2 homes before lunch. Let me just say we can't even relate. There is nothing we can do. We sit and listen to the heart break of what ISIS has done... To steal, kill, and destroy. The first family we went to visit had 3 different families living in this home and they all had separate stories on how ISIS took and destroyed their lives. I can't even re-tell their stories (or any of the stories I heard today), because I can't describe to you the emotion that was shared and felt. Families have had everything taken from them such as a home that they finally had enough money to actually buy (and not rent anymore)... Ripped from them, families being torn a part through death... Actual death caught in pictures of the brutality, beatings that happen simply because who ISIS was looking for was not there, heart ache of a man who has had his dignity stolen from him. This is just to name a few... And through all this these families demonstrate an unfathomable kind of joy. The kind of joy only found through the power of the cross.... The hope and protection of Jesus Christ. They cried and laughed all in the same breath... How do you even describe that?

The pain is indescribable. I can't even go through the 3 other encounters/families we met. So I will end with a few pictures...

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