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Monday, March 30, 2015

What Are You Thinking About When Things Are Good?

Do you ever just sit back and think about what other people are doing in the very moment you are sitting blogging, or driving, or at a movie, etc.? For instance... I have a friend who recently had a baby and while she was pushing that baby out I was on a nice 3 mile run. LOL!

But, do you ever sit back and think about the horror some people are going through while your life is good? I do. Not all the time, but I think about weird stuff like that. Like right now as I am blogging I am thinking about women who are selling themselves for money, and women who are agonizing over what the night will hold, and the women who are caught in the black web... so deep they are "lost" to the world.

Last Friday, I went to Elijah Rising's Fourth Friday Intervention where this ministry full of volunteers going out into the night to Cantinas, brothels, bars, the streets where girls are selling themselves, and reaching out to women selling themselves on the Internet through backpage. (I blogged about back page here). This is a ministry that is going out to the darkness only by the power of the Holy Spirit. Truthfully I have never experienced something so powerful. We met and praised the Lord through song and prayed out to Him in a loud voice. Coming before the Father in such away and letting Him truly take control was so liberating. I had no fear. I helped in the phone bank and called girls on backpage and my partner and I prayed over each girl like I have never prayed before. My partner and I were truly one... We were not separate, but uniquely one as we prayed out in unison with the same heart and to the same God. Our prayers were uniquely complementing each other and flowing like Living Water. It was amazing! We prayed for many girls in massage parlors, who were foreign and possibly trafficked here. We prayed for girls, whose faces were blurred out, who could have easily been under age. We prayed for girls, who seemed to have such hardened hearts, because maybe they had been in the "business" for too long. We prayed for the pimps and Madams. Could we have prayed longer for each girl? Yes... without a doubt. There is such a need for prayer.

The thing that has really taken my breath away is the awareness of the Black web/Dark web. Not that I even know that much, but the fact that tis Black/Dark web gets worse than trafficking innocent girls, it gets worse than rape, it gets more worse than your mind could even come up with... Girls trapped, chained, and never to be released in the deepest dirtiest filth where they are treated worse than a dog being abused. I never even thought this would exist outside of movies, but it does. What is wrong with our world? And I am not even talking about the people doing it... I am talking about us... the people blinded, ignorant, self-righteous, na├»ve...

Where are these girls/boys that are lost and their bodies are never found... are they down in the black web? Are they so deep and stuck in the quick sand of the sex trade that no living person will see them again? My heart is aching... Crying out... JUSTICE!

If this hits a place in your heart... or maybe you can't even wrap your mind around what I just wrote about... PRAY! Pray anything, because our Father in heaven cares deeply and He has anguish tears as the people He created are so deeply hurt, lost, wounded, and evil. He cares and He desires the hearts of even the worst of people. He is Able and Worthy!

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