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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Faith and Trust

I have been thinking about my faith a lot lately and truly how deep I trust in Him. I have been thinking a lot about if it came down to life or death what my response would be. If I had a knife to my throat and I was about to be executed... What would my response be. I would hope my response would be love and asking my Father in heaven to forgive the executors.

Have you ever thought about that? These  innocent people being executed lately... What were their last thoughts? Did they know the Lord? Was He with them? Etc.

This faith question comes from the devotional the girls and I have done and discussing. We read about Noah and how disgusted God was with the people in the world (because they were so evil) and he was regretting their creation, but here was Noah a righteous man. God saw hope in him and put him to the test. God asked Noah to build a huge gigantic boat... Noah had no idea how to build such a boat... He may not have even known what a boat was... And God was going to flood the earth... What?!? Noah probably was like "What's a flood?" maybe "What's rain?" Can you imagine?!? He had no idea the size, but He didn't question his God, who he held so precious to his heart. He did exactly what God asked of him. Noah may have felt inadequate and dumb, but He trusted in his Faith of his magnificent God. No matter if people teased, called him names, or outcasted Noah and his family... Noah continued to have faith.

So it makes me think... Is my faith this big? Would I stop my life and build a gigantic boat if my God asked me to? I hope my response would be yes.

I have said yes to things he asked me to do before and sometimes it goes as I had envisioned and sometimes nothing like I had envisioned. But should that stop me... No, but when things don't go the way I envisioned it kinda of puts me in a slow pace sometimes a halt. Can you relate?

I want my answer to always be "YES! God I trust you no matter what!" I want my God to surpass any henderance or questions I might have...  And that's when my faith has to come in to play. Even though I can not see Him or maybe not even feel Him near, but to trust in His promises and have Faith that what he says is true, right, safe, and He never EVER changes.

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