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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Taj Mahal and Casualty Gate ~ Day 4

God is ever so faithful and trustworthy! 

This morning I woke up to a sound of pain. If you don't know I am rooming with Jana (the mom), Rachael, and Ruth... I sat up and saw a light was on (we are separated by a wall, 2 rooms)... I got up, looked at Jana and Ruth, and Jana was in severe pain! She said pray! I got down on my knees and prayed for healing, in his blood that covers us that we believed! The pain did subside. I did not know what to do... She said it was better. She was thinking it was in her intestines. But the pain began again... All I could think of to do was to go get Kay (our group leader)... So I did. To make a long story short there was pain, fear, sadness, and relief. A doctor made a house call and suggested it could be 2 things appendicitis or urinary colic. Praise the Lord it was the urinary colic! We have had many many laughs from that day... Thank you Jesus!

This was the day we were all looking forward to... Taj Mahal day!!! But because of the the intense pain Jana was in she could not go and in result Kay stayed with her. They had quite an adventurous day!

The rest of the team headed to Agra on 4 hour (one way) bus ride. It was the longest bus ride EVER! But we got there, ate a wonderful lunch, and then entered in to the Taj. Beautiful is an understatement... It was breath taking! The pictures do not do it justice at all. The love story is bigger and beautiful than any movie! It's really hard to describe, but I will post the pictures I took.

We headed home on the longest bus ride EVER, but we had an amazing time!

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