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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Sparkles in many forms... Day 8

Today was our first day in Ludhiana, Punjab. This state has a low ratio of girls to boys, 740 girls to every 1000 boys... Not enough girls for every boy and it is truly noticeable! 

We were invited to speak at two government run schools and we spoke on subjects that are not talked about... Purity and Sanctity of Life. We were told to not speak of Jesus, but we knew we had to have faith in Him alone that he would do the work with our words. So I spoke on Purity intertwined with my testimony, but the hard part for me was leaving Jesus out, who was the one full of grace, healing, and my eternity. I could not rely on my words, but the story Jesus has given me to share and then He would do the rest. I reminded myself He does not need me... He can do everything He has planned on His own, but He invites me to join Him as He ministers and changes lives. He allows me to share my story to change lives... He nudges me to share things that hurt and that we try to hide to change lives and bring people closer to Him. We had to cover the topic of STD's, so as a way to get the point across we used glitter to represent STD's. One of us would pour glitter in our hand and then invite a boy to come up and then shake his hand. He then would shake a girls hand, the girl would shake a boys hand, and so on... Then they would be able to see the example of how the STD can spread from person to person and you may not even know it.

Mary also shared at these two schools of the importance of life, how precious it is, and how we as a team stand up for life and against it being destroyed. It was amazing how excited the girls and boys got when she pulled out the baby models at the different stages (12 weeks, 16 weeks, 20 weeks, 24 weeks, and 28 weeks). They were all mesmerized! We passed out 12 week old baby models to every person and they were just so happy to receive such a precious example of life. 

These two schools were in remote areas and the schools did not have A/C, but some ceiling fans. IT WAS SO HOT AND HUMID! And for some reason no one brought enough water and we didn't eat lunch until about 3:00 pm... Let's just say it was an adventure and we were all spent! We had a good break at the hotel before we left to share again to a group of Christian youth. This Christian youth that gathered at this church were so full of life and joy. They were all so fun during the praise and worship time. It was awesome! We were all so sweaty and stinky it was so great!  (Because there was no A/C) We talked about all kinds of teen related subjects... Dating as a Christ followers, purity before marriage, testimony of an impure life before Christ, sanctity of life, and geneocide. It was a full evening! We came back to the hotel beat! But it was oh so good! Praise God! Hallelujah!

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