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Monday, September 15, 2014

Loving on Girls ~Day 2 and 3

Day 1

We started today off with a powerful prayer as we lifted up the Indian people, their government, and we cried out for the baby girls who have been killed. Our friend is on a powerful mission to seek God for a miracle change in her country. My good friend, Jana brought it to my attention that we do not seek the Lord for such issues in our country or pray for our President as our friend just did. We are lacking faith. We are not putting the issues that hurt us and anger us before the throne to have him take care of, but trusting in our selfish ways. Sometimes I think we think anger is the perfect way to handle a situation. 

We made to the hostel that is supported by the Disha Foundation and we were awe-struck by the site of 94 girls, ranging from the ages of 4 years to 16 years old. The Workshop team began the mission of telling and showing the girls how much they are truly worth, because a lot of these girls have been damaged for life from neglect, abuse, and abandonment. We shared with them how much our Heavenly Father wants them to want him and how much he loves them no matter what they have been through and how much he loves them. Half way through our day the attachments began. We began to learn names and share our families with them and them with us. One little girl, named Priya, I have become very fond of was telling me how excited she was to see her mommy and daddy, who were coming to visit on Sunday. I didn't know what this would look like but I was very excited for her, because I can't imagine my own little girls living without me and the need they have for me that my sweet friend, Priya does not have. It was pretty easy to leave this evening, because we knew we would be returning the next day. 

Overall they were AMAZING girls! They were well behaved, helpful with each other, and very polite. I made a comment wondering if I could send my girls to the hostel. LOL! The girls are all so very bright and their English is probably better than most we have heard here in Delhi so far (no joke)! We came back to the hotel ready for the next day, because we knew how awesome it would be!

Day 2

This is Sunday for us and we went to church with Vinita. Going to a foreign church that does not speak my language is probably my most favorite thing to do. Listening to the songs of praise and adoration to our Heavenly Father in a language so different for my own is breath taking. Of course I did not understand a word the Reverend was saying, but I did know he was encouraging the congregation to live their everyday life as Jesus with skin on. After the service we were invited to eat lunch with Vinita and her family... Which was a complete honor! The food was delicious and not spicy hot at all! (praise the Lord)

After lunch we headed back to the hostel to play with the girls some more. They were eager and excited to see us and the little girls that were becoming attached to us the day before were waiting to sit and hold hands with us. Simply precious! 

Sunday was the day the girls could have visitors, so some parents would come to see there girls. The girls that knew their parents were going to visit were very excited, but I had a deep sadness for the girls that would not have visitors. So it was a special day to be with the girls that were not going to have visitors. My little friend, Priya was so excited to see her mommy, but when her mommy came she ran down to say hi and then immediately came back. LOL! I asked her why she came back so soon and another girl translated for me and told Priya to go back down and that I would be there when she got back. So precious!

It was a great day of sharing Bible stories and having a purity talk with the older girls. It truly was an awesome day! 

The time came when we had to leave and that was hard, but our saving grace was we would return Tuesday. The girls began to get sad and said I will miss you and I would say I will miss you too BUT I will see you Tuesday! Tuesday is going to be hard! As we left girls were hanging out the windows saying "Goodbye Dee!"

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