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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Is it fear or the Holy Spirit?

This morning I talked to a friend, who asked me this as I was sharing an uncertain rattle in my soul. 

Is it fear or is it the Holy Spirit? 

If you know me... You know I don't fear much. Yes, I have my uncertainties and things I just can't explain, but they are not fear. I have experienced fear before, but no more. I refuse. My hope and faith is in nothing less than in Jesus Christ. Some may say that is me being naive. Nope, just me knowing God is bigger than a feeling of fear that is not from Him.

I leave today for India with 8 other women and for about a week I have had this feeling I cannot explain. Maybe it is excitement, emotions, and me being anxious... I love what we are going to do and I love who I am going to see! I have friends I am going to be reunited with, who I do not see very much, but who know so much about me and I know of them. 

But I have a feeling this feeling is deeper... We are going to talk and share on things that are simply not talked about. We will be bringing the light of the Lord in a place where satan has a nice cozy nest. I can tell you the evil one is not happy about this plan. This is not about us and planning this trip on a whim. But this has been a trip in the planning and making for over a year. He has got big things for His glory!

So now I sit and rest in Him. I seek Him and the adventure he will unfold. We do not go in blindly, but that we go in with fluidity. Nothing about what He has called is about us... But may He gracously use us and let us be part of His marvelous works!

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