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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Finished with a Heavy Heart~ Day 9

As Christians we are called by our Creator to stand for life. Life can range from the pre-born, disabled (physically and mentally), the elderly, etc... Every life matters. Today was our last day of ministry and we ended it encouraging and sharing life with Christian women. Most impoverished countries do not know much about the unborn. They do not know life begins at conception, 6 weeks (or sooner) you can hear a clear viable heart beat, at 12 weeks all the intestines are formed and there for life, at 16-18 weeks the mother begins to feel the baby move and the baby has his/her finger prints, 20-22 weeks is when the sex is usually identified through ultrasound and sleep patterns begin, and 24-26 weeks the baby begins to make facial expressions (frowning, smiling, squinting) and this is the age that if the baby was delivered premature he/she has a high chance of survival with no complications. Just like the day before, we shared everything about the life of the unborn and they all went home with a 12 week old baby model. I pray the babies will go farther than we could ever imagine, that they will remember, and that they will look at that baby and see life. We want them to think of the life inside of them and listen to the voice of the unborn.

It has been a couple of days since I wrote the above message and my heart has become burdened for the women, who are feeling suffocated by the culture and the situation they are forced to live in day in and day out. My heart is burdened by the desire of the women, who want to know more about the unborn, life instead of abortion, and just how to stand up for life even when the family pushes to abort the unborn. There is a deep yearning in their souls to know more. They know there are deep wounds that come from taking life of an unborn child that God specifically gave life to. My heart is burdened for the fight these women have to go through. The fight of how the culture is so use to... It is engrained in them that a girl child is a burden. My heart is burdened, because the mission feels incomplete! I know what we did was
good and the information we gave God will do big things with... Nothing we did will go out empty. I know with everything in me seeds were planted! There was so much information poured out on these precious people... I pray they will be thinking on the hard things for a long while and I pray He will open the minds of the girls and boys to stand up for the upcoming generations, for their children, and their children's children.

I am going to be praying for a very long time for the people we had spent time with... I pray they will always know or learn how precious they are and how their lives are so unique.

From every mission work I have done I am always taught something knew... Sometimes it is hard for me to wrap my mind around and this trip is one of them. I am going home with a heavy heart, but also with the mind set of what I can do at home.

This young boy holding the 12 week baby model. The cared for it as his mother cares for him.

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