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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Aunt Marilyn's Love

Have you ever met someone who could love unconditionally without it even looking like they put any effort into that kind of love? I did. I had the privilege of being loved by someone like that and watching someone give that kind of love away... My Aunt Marilyn.

Aunt Marilyn passed away today and it is very sad because I will miss her special love. She was actually my Great Aunt... My mother's, father's, brother's wife... Confusing I know! And it gets even more confusing. My Grandmother divorced her husband, who was the brother to Aunt Marilyn's husband... Anyways none of this matters except the fact that ever since my grandmother and grandfather got divorced Aunt Marilyn NEVER stopped loving us, being family to us, visiting us, and treating us like we ALWAYS belonged. 

I have very few memories of when I was little going to Georgia for family reunions but the memories I do have are FUN, music filled and singing always around. But as I got older we stopped going to the family reunions (or maybe they didn't have them anymore), but Aunt Marilyn ALWAYS made an effort. 

When Bob and I were engaged and we began making the wedding list my mom told me of some people I had to invite and Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Billy were two of those people... And they CAME all the way from Georgia! I may not have remembered much about them, but Aunt Marilyn remembered everything about me! She came to my reception ready to share stories and pictures with Bob and I! I thought she was CRAZY, but as I have gotten older and now a believer in Christ, I GET IT! She loved in a way that was unfathomable!

Later as I had children I would see more of Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Billy. They would travel to San Antonio to visit Uncle Billy's brothers and then they would stop by our house to visit for a short while, and they were always welcome. I began to learn more about them and who they truly were... They BOTH love unconditionally... They love the way they are loved by their Heavenly Father and that is not seen very often in this day and age.

The last time I was with Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Billy was at a funeral for Uncle Billy's brother Clyde. What a sweet time that was! I had both girls and their son Dennis was there along with them. I fell in love even more with how Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Billy loved and how they loved their family. 

I can't even put into words how well she loved... I am so blessed and honored to have been loved well by her and Uncle Billy. I will forever miss her, but rejoice that she is where she has longed to be, with her Savior. I know she is now hearing hymns more beautiful than she has ever heard and walking in the light of our Lord. I cannot wait to see her again.