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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Pain in the Clash

Today I had the privilege to meet a mission team from Wichita Falls, TX, who came to serve the Bhutanese that Loaves & Fishes loves on and serves. This is the teams second time to come to Houston and love on the Bhutanese kids and women. It was so awesome to reunite with friends and brothers and sisters in Christ. But as I was happy to see their faces again... my heart was heavy and burdened.

I got to the apartment complex 30 minutes earlier than anyone else, so I decided to walk around and see if any of my friends were out and about... hoping maybe I could visit with them. Instead I ran into kids waiting by the front door of the apartment eagerly waiting to play! There were mostly Bhutanese kids, but there was one African child. She was hanging out with the other girls, but then her and a Bhutanese boy began to clash. He began to call her terrible names and chase her and throw an item at her. Don't worry she wasn't just taking the beating lying down... she was attacking him as well. It really made me think about these kids on a new level... a level I have known about, but I felt sorry for them and I had a deep sadness for their hearts and minds. I didn't say anything to him while he called this girl names, because he knows nothing different. He is raised around such filth and hurt. I am sure there is violence in his home and is just considered the norm.

Once everyone got there I watch and observed. I observed the American children and the Bhutanese children... between the difference of back grounds and cultures they all have hurt or sadness in their lives. We all have sadness, but sadness shouldn't be in a child's life until they are of age... right? It hurts to see young kids hurting in ways so many of us can't even fathom. My heart aches tonight.

I watched more clashing happening between the Bhutanese and African/Hispanic kids. I watched as they had so much hatred between each other and the fists that they wanted to throw. Do I know what it was about? No. But, it hurts to see so much hatred for someone you don't even know. I am sure the only reason they were arguing was because of what is said in their home or maybe what is said by their friends.

It is sad to think that the majority of these kids will think they can't rise above where they are now and think they are worth nothing more than how their lives are now. My heart hurts that this week that this mission team is with them will be wonderful, but the team will have to leave and life will go on as normal and it hurts because these kids need so much more. They deserve so much more.

I am thankful for the hearts of the team members to return to a place with so much joy but so much heart break. I am thankful they pour into these lives even if they will never see the fruit. I am thankful that the hearts that hurt (American or Bhutanese) will have a chance to love and encourage one another.

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