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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Hard Truth

You wanna know what is hard?

It is hard explaining to people why you did what you did simply because God told you to. It is hard telling people you have no explanation, but simply because He said to do it.

It is not normal for people to act in such a way... To simply do something because an invisible God told you to do something. It really sounds crazy as I type this out, but what else should I say.

I have been asked why I had to step back from the Bhutanese ministry and I have had to answer this question with the "hard" answer... "because my God said to". It makes no sense... I was in a ministry where God was... He was alive and moving there! And He removes me. Sounds crazy!

But... God doesn't do the norm. He doesn't go with the follow of the river, because once you go with the flow for long enough you get lost in it all and forget why you were there in the first place. He is not a God that goes the easy way out... He is a God who "pushes" us to the next great thing He has.

I felt so comfortable.

I tell people I have no explanation on why God pulled me away from the Bhutanese ministry, but I really know why. It's because I was stuck in the river current. I was floating along nicely and comfortably. Once I begin to feel comfortable I stop speaking of Him and his greatness! Ouch! This hurts to be truthful.

He sees me for who I am. He knows I have a great story and a heart for women. He knows me better than anyone. He sees me clearly and he knows the hurt. He knows the hurt that so many have and have been forgotten about... He has a great plan and now I fall in the unknown. I went from feeling comfortable and knowing what was next to walking blindly in to His wonderful Light. I am anxious and waiting... I see him moving and because of my obedience I am experiencing blessings.

I pray also because of my obedience in leaving Loaves & Fishes that He would abundantly bless the ministry and Margie. I know He has great things still to come and now I wait in excitement as it unfolds.

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ongey42 said...

Lovely to catch up on what's happening... hope to have some details soon... emailed Rachel Khaladeen today... haven't heard form her since last year:) Bless you and the family. Ian

PS started a new Training group last week after 6 months off.