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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Amazing Hug of Blessings

Obviously if you read my last blog post you can tell I am far from perfect. I expect I will never be perfect until the day I am in heaven (after my time of judgment. HA!). I hope you know I use this blog as a way to journal my emotions and share how God is working... If it was all about me I would never ever in a million years share my dirty laundry with the world. But I will say I feel so much better after confessing and typing out how horrible I was acting or feeling... And let me tell you I am growing from my sinful mistakes.

Everyday I am feeling blessed by our heavenly Father... sometimes it is really small and sometimes really big, but either big or small it always feels like an amazing hug... a hug that keeps me pushing on through this hard life. The most resent blessing was through Bob. Yesterday Bob was stuck at his parent's house in Illinois as he had no car or anyone to come get him or hang out with him (I know poor Bob). He did have a plan to work on a speech he would share with the congregation at his grandmother's funeral that is taken place today. He called me wanting to practice the speech on my ears. As he read it to me my heart filled with joy as he read the sweet words. He first proclaimed that the Lord was in his heart and that he could rest assure that he would see Grandma again in eternity. This was something I have never heard Bob profess publicly. He was sharing his testimony in front of the hardest crowd, which is family. He was sharing his heart and the comfort he had in his faith. Hearing those words was like the Lord singing over me. Absolutely no words!

Today he shared that testimony of his faith and I couldn't be more proud of my husband. The Lord continues to bless me and my family in the "littlest" ways. Some would see this as nothing, but to me it is everything.

Bob went on in his speech sharing memories of spending time with Grandma Greene and the wonderful memories he will hang on to for forever. My heart is overjoyed by these special moments he is making with his family that lives so far away.

Bob comes home tonight and we are eager for his return, but I am so thankful that the Lord hears our concerns and guides us ever so gently.  

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