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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Leaping Blindly

Sitting here eating my new found love... Zucchini in pasta form with tomato sauce on top with a sprinkle Parmesan cheese. Ummm Yummm! 

As I was preparing this meal for lunch I was praying. Praying for a whole bunch of things and thinking about discussions I have had with other believers. Something hit me... All missionaries all over the world fully survive on prayer and prayers from other believers that have been put in their path/that have been made aware of their mission. They know they can't do this mission the Lord has given them without this life line to God. I have been asked many times by native missionaries "Are you praying for us?" or "Have you forgotten about us?" or the most common phrase "Please prayer for us." Many times I have been overwhelmed by this request... Most of the time I am caught of guard by a few of these questions, because yes I pray for you and no I have not forgotten about you, my dear friend. What these missionaries don't know is... If I have met you... Your face is forever etched/graphed into my mind. If I wanted to forget... I could never and I believe that is the Lord's intentions. He doesn't just place someone in my life for me to forget about them. Anyways... Got of subject... These missionaries ask these questions because they cannot survive without these prayers. They need them like their next breath.

It hit me like a brick wall... I think I am self sufficient. I think I can handle all the stuff in my life on my own. Ever since returning from India Father has brought more things to my attention than ever before. I am helpless without him! My life falls apart without him. I get why I am so often asked for prayers. My life is to be a constant mission to bring many closer to Him. But it is so hard in this self-sufficient world. A world of abundance. This part of the world takes my breath away in not a good way. I know evil is everywhere and that really isn't what I am talking about... I am talking about the stuff that fills this world and our minds. 

So I ask myself:
What are you putting your faith in? Are you using the life line? Are you asking God "What's next? Because my life is yours! You have given me breath for another day!"

I would love to be a missionary that moves away from this continent. I would love to be on the front lines... In battle. Oh wait... I am. I may not be off this continent, but their are millions of lost people. Now it begins... Taking the focus of me and what I can do, but focusing on my Heavenly Father and what he can do. I am praying and seeking him like never before... Asking for him to move in a way I have never visibly seen before. He has been preparing me and now I believe is the time. Leaping blindly!

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