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Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Faces

What do you do with pain filled faces etched in your mind? What do you do with dreams that cause aching in your soul? I am writing about this now because others are feeling and experiencing restlessness from the same pain and sadness we experienced just a few days ago. The Lord has brought us to a new breaking point to the visual pain from the look in the eyes of victims and the disconnect from those who see no wrong. He has opened our eyes to what people see as the norm... It is just life as expected. Women feel worthless, ashamed, and unworthy of love. I feel as if we left way to soon. I feel as if we didn't have time to love or hug enough women. I feel like we didn't have enough time to pour into enough women that they are valued and precious. I feel like the mission wasn't completed! 

My heart is aching. My tears are streaming. While walking the streets of Kolkata I asked that he would shake the hearts of lost and bring justice and authority upon the city. But for now I see the faces and I dream of the faces... It is as if they are haunting me. I pray the invisible seeds (to you and me) will flourish and that our Heavenly Father will be glorified... And maybe, just maybe he will give us a glimpse to ease our souls.

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