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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Relationships 101

I have been thinking a lot about relationships lately and how we as believers in Jesus Christ think we should bring people to learn and eventually put their faith in Him?

As I have watched and listened to people who evangelize and such... I see something that is missing... relationship building. Which means spending time with a person, regularly visiting, loving them even though what they believe makes no sense, etc. Relationship building is missing.

How can we bring someone we don't know or a person who does not know us to faith in Christ? Relationships have been lost. It has gone to texting, emailing... face to face love is gone.

Before I was a believer in Jesus Christ, it wasn't the church that penetrated my heart it was my good friend and her husband, who loved me well. They helped my family, they spoke Truth to me and into me. Then my head wasn't the only thing full His word, but my heart then began to accept and understand what my brain had been taking in. I then gave my life to Christ all because I was loved well and a relationship was started.

I have become a little discouraged this year, because I have poured so much of myself into so many people and I have not seen one bit of the fruit. (I know... selfish!) But, then the other day I was given a gift by a Hindu women, who I have come to love. She gave me a scarf... it may not seem like a lot, but I felt so privileged she thought to give me a gift. A relationship was formed over a year ago and then she honored me with a simple gift. Don't get me wrong... its not that she gave me something, but it is about the relationship of love that I have for her and maybe... just maybe this Love is penetrating her heart too. 

I was very encouraged last week after she gave me this special gift and I thank the Lord for this reminder that it is not about me and how much fruit I harvest, but it is about bringing hearts to Him and showing others my earthly love and how much greater His love is for each of them.

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