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Friday, January 31, 2014

Favor in Obedience

I have had to make a very difficult decision... actually it wasn't a decision, but obedience. I guess you could say... I decision to be obedient or not. The Lord has asked me to step back from Loaves & Fishes, the ministry that serves the Bhutanese Refugees. I have been with this ministry for two years and it has been such a learning experience for me. I have loved every minute of being with the Bhutanese, my dear friends. It saddens my heart, but I know the Lord has great things awaiting.

He has already brought healing from forgiveness.

Now I am praying over a Bible study he has told me to lead out of my home. A study that will bring restoration from the Word of God to all the hurt and wounds we have. As women of this day and age we are shown and taught to hide our feelings and act happy. We are shown by society to shove the hurt deep down and pretend like its not there anymore. How is that okay? We as women don't need anymore stress to add to our plate. That is probably why we act crazy sometimes. :) Anywho, the study the Lord led me to is called Stuck by Jennie Allen and I believe it is perfect! I am very excited to see, who he brings and what he does in our hearts! 

He is up to some BIG things and all I want to do is listen for his voice and follow him blindly.

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