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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Dedicated to Marty Linder

I don't know why I am writing this blog and I sure hope it is okay and not considered disrespectful, because that is not my intention.

I wanted to write and say my goodbyes to a friend I didn't know so well. Her name was Marty. 

Marty always greeted me and used my name. I think when someone saying hello or asks how you are and they use your name is a big deal. Remembering people's names has been lost... Usually as soon as someone introduces themselves to you they forget your name within 5 min. Well... It happens to me (way to often). Marty on the other hand remembered my name after the very first time we met and every time she saw me she would greet me by using my name. I believe Marty was the type of person that saw the importance of a persons name. The Lord knows our name... Why not treat people like they deserve... Simple showing their life's importance. I don't know... I just always felt like Marty was showing her concern and care when she greeted me (or anyone).

I missed seeing her sweet face this evening at church. I couldn't help but think about her 3 boys and their thoughts and feelings. Such a young mom taken by the authority and righteousness of our Creator. She is now consumed by the holy presence she has longed for... It was her time and I know it is glorious. But, selfishly I think of the loved ones left on earth without her. I am praying for their hearts to be comforted, that the unexplainable peace will cover them, and that it will be clear through the wisdom and knowledge from our Lord that they will all meet again... I pray for that faith and hope.

Marty, you will be missed tremendously.

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