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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Day 3 in Kolkata

I am starting today, Thursday off a little earlier than yesterday because I missed breakfast yesterday. I really enjoy breakfast and I enjoy breakfast even more when I do not have to cook it. :) I also, slept better last night and woke up to the sound from  the call to prayer for the Muslims. I have showered and had my Spark to start the day already at 6:15 am.

This city is something that words can't really describe. Yes, it is dark and so much bondage and sadness, but this city also brings a joyfulness too. Majority of these people have nothing but are so joyful. There is always a smile to be given. The Indian Bengali's are probably one of the most beautiful race on this planet. I truly see why this city is called the City of Joy.

I didn't share this in my last blog but yesterday while we were at Destiny there were two sweet girls there, who were very new... Only there for a week or so. Come to find out both of these girls (one age 16 and the second age 14) still live in the brothels. They are not selling themselves as of now because the deal is if you come to Destiny to work and learn the trade you stop the prostitution all together or you leave Destiny. Can you again your being that age and deal with the filth, hurt, and anger that goes along with what they have been through and continue to go through? I cannot. You maybe thinking "Well they still live in the brothels so they are still probably prostituting." This is not true. A lot of women still love I the brothels and work through different organizations that teach them a trade. The pimps really don't care what the ladies do as long as they get their money. So, now I am praying for these sweet girls... That maybe the time we spent with them yesterday and the Truth will penetrate their hearts to give them that hope that there is Beauty that comes from Ashes. 

We are now off to an aftercare home, M. Before when we left we had a wonderful surprise... The husband and wife, who have the slum school in a small village, was at our mission house for a training. There is no words to describe my joy. Oh how I love those two so much. There passion for their people and God's plan for their life is so great and encouraging. So much hugging on their necks took place. We have left for M and I can't wait to see God move.

The aftercare home, M is opening another minor home and we had the opportunity to go to this home as it is being re-constructed. Oh my... It is such a beautiful home with so much light, hope, and promise. This building has so much potential to grow and expand later. It is in an open and secluded area. After we had the tour of the new building we had the opportunity to write Scripture all over the walls. The walls will have new paint applied to them but to have the Truth and promise of God's word implanted in the walls is such an amazing opportunity and protection over the building and the girl's hearts. After the Scripture writing we lifted our prayers to heaven and asking for protection, provision, discernment, wisdom, healing, restoration, laughter, friendship... The list goes on. It was an amazing time of praying and lifting up the future model aftercare homes.

We then headed to the minor aftercare home that has been open for the past couple of years and it was amazing to see faces I haven't seen in so long. But, as I looked around I couldn't help but think about what these girls have gone through. Maybe the parents of the young girls sold her, or she got tricked thinking she was going to be a servant in someone's house but ended up going to a brothel, or maybe she got stolen from her parents or town. I look at these girls thinking how young they are, how much pain they have been through, and what is considered so scared has been ripped away from them. Pain is what I think of, but then they have laughter and smiles still inside of them. Sometimes it takes a little while for that smile to come out, but eventually it comes out and you see a glimpse of a little girl emerging from the shell that had been traumatized. 

Tomorrow starts a full jam packed day. Please pray for rest for us all and that we would continue to be the hands and feet of Jesus. That we would put everything aside and that we would focus fully on him and what he is doing over here. Also, please pray for my stomach. I had pizza to day and my stomach does not approve.  

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