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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Day 2 in Kolkata

It now is Wednesday morning at 1:50. I am awake and this is not good. I usually never have a problem getting on India time or where ever I may be, but oh well. I thought I would blog a little hoping to tire myself out a bit.

I didn't share this last night because I was so tired, but yesterday evening I was reunited with two dear sisters I have been praying for and thinking about for two years. It was such a blessing to be remembered by them with open arms and tight hugs. My heart is filled with an unexplainable gratitude and love for my dear sisters. It is truly an honor to have this gift of returning to a city that has forever stolen my heart and is filled with beautifully kind people.

Today we will start our day with a tour of Kolkata... Taking the time to learn about this city on a deeper level than what we just see, so I am excited about this. Then we will go to a aftercare home that provides a solution to many of the ladies problems.... Learning to work and make a living without being forced to sell themselves. This home feeds into these women showing them they are worth more and have a gift and talent. Teaching them the art of sewing and showing them a way to survive and building them up at the same time. I am eager to return and just love on the ladies, share henna Bible stories with them, and play some games. To God be the glory!

We just finished our tour of North Kolkata and let me tell you it was 4 hours of the depths of Kolkata. We walked the smallest streets, alleys, and the busiest of streets like the game Frogger. We had an awesome guide, who knew absolutely amazing knowledge of India. (Plus he was easy on the eyes) After our tour we went to Destiny. Destiny is an organization that helps rehabilitate trafficked victims to help them leave the sex trade to learn a sewing trade, so they can leave what they despise. This organization is being recognized all over the world and we found out today Lauren Conrad is helping Destiny get it's name out there and really helping this organization forward. We had the opportunity to really play and have fun with the girls (ranging in ages from 14-27). I got to see 3 of the same girls that I met before and that was amazing to see how much growth has happened since our last meeting. It truly was a beautiful short time with them. We did a couple of crafts, told 2 henna Bible stories, and Rachael sang 3 beautiful songs. It was an awesome day and I know tomorrow will unfold a lot more. 

I am learning I need to really let go of something's in my life and truly let God take it. I might elaborate on this more soon but right now I am about to pass out from exhaustion.

(I am not proof reading anything I wrote this evening.)

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