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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Day 1.5 in Kolkata

I am sitting on our last flight, which is heading to Kolkata. I am so very excited to return that my stomach is twirling around inside of me. When I start thinking of reuniting with my dear friends I begin to get tears that well up in my eyes. I have longed for this day and now in 5 hours my feet will be planted on Indian soil once again. My heart is jumping for joy!

While we waited in the Dubai airport for 6 hours we would talk about years past and what this year will hold. I have such excitement to be part of this Light that will penetrate such darkness. Darkness I could never explain, but you can see it in the lost people's eyes and the pain in their every day agony of bondage and not having the freedom that we all take so lightly.

I also, write this blog post in connection to my previous post called "Smell". There are so many different "smells" (seen with your eyes and smelled with your nose). We walked through the airport and my heart was so overjoyed to be surrounded by the nations with all different nationalities. I am sitting her on the plane seeing so many different people and now I am becoming the minority and let me tell you this is a very humbling feeling, especially as you get further and further from home. But I love it! I can't get enough!

I am sitting here on the aisle of a row of 4 seats and every person is an Indian and sitting by me is a man with some what of a different smell, but what a beautiful smile he has. I look at each person truly as a gift from the Lord, knowing they have a special unique gift. As I see people I wondering what they do for fun, or if someone has a very noticeable scar on their face wondering how they got it, I sit and thinking about the girls, who have been trafficked and wonder if they will ever experience flying in a plane? I look at us and think how very fortunate we all are on this plane (because you know tickets are not cheap). 

We are now rolling away from our gate and it is 3:15 am. I am so tired, but very excited! We will be landing in Kolkata around 8:00 am and hit the ground running. To God be the glory!

It is now Tuesday at 6:50 pm and we are all pooped! We arrived to Kolkata around 8:30 am and 3 of our bags have not arrived (one of them is a personal bag), but all is well. We have faith it will be delivered tomorrow. We came to base camp (the BMS) and unpacked, then went shopping in our favorite Market, ate KFC, and then headed "home" ricks haw style. Completely blessed and clean from a cold shower. 

Thank you so much for your prayers. And tomorrow will be our first day loving on some precious ladies.

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