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Friday, January 24, 2014

Day 10 in Kolkata

This is our last day in Kolkata and it is going to be beautiful, but oh so very hard. Today we have to say goodbye to our translators, who are way more than that... They are our voice when we want to communicate, but they are part of our team as well. To me they are family. They ALL love us so well while we are away from the things we know. Having the gift of hospitality I believe is in us all, but seeing hospitality extended to us here is a way we have never seen before. They would literally give the shirt of the their back in any circumstance, they would lower themselves in a way to make us feel more comfortable, and they are always greeting us with open arms, a warm hug and sometimes if you are lucky a kiss on the cheek. This hospitality in India is so very special.

Today we spent our last hours with our New Hope friends. I know I have said this over and over, but there are no words of the emotions that I am feeling right now. Today was a holiday for the school so we got to play games, make crafts, and share Bible stories and sing songs with all the children. We also got to walk around the village full of over 6,000 people to pray for a few families. What an honor to be welcomed into a home of a Hindu family and to be able to pray in the name of Jesus. No words. Our time quickly came to an end and all the kids left. Then we had a special time to sit down and hear Rudra's heart and his vision for the future. It is breath taking to hear his and Mita's heart and how they are praying and sharing with those who do pray to lift everything up to our heavenly Father.  Rudra's vision from the Lord is captivating because of the faith and trust he has in the Lord. Amazing!

Rudra's plan is big and great! He wants to build a school, church, and hostel. Which it will be awesome because the building they are in now is so tiny. The hostel is a new thing... In the last 6 months Rudra and Mita have taken in two girls because they were or about to be sexually abused by the Father and because fear for their child's life. This hostel will be for girls that need to be removed from the village because of the possibilities of them being sexually abused or being taken. Just yesterday Rudra told us four girls who were taken from this village, the girls are missing... The oldest was 10 years old. Can you even imagine? My Hailee is 9 years old. I can't imagine what the moms are going through or the fear that has swept through the village. Rudra and Mita have a great passion for their people and a deep desire to be used as an instrument for the glory of God. We left the school with heavy hearts simply because of our deep desire for Pastor Rudra, Mita, and the precious children. There is so much hope and beauty among the least of these and I know The Lord has given us all a deep desire to pray, love, and possibly return.

We returned to the BMS excited to see our sweet translator sisters. What a privilege to know call them family and friends. It was very hard for me to say goodbye to my "Mommy" Anita. I have always had a connection to her because she truly takes care of us as family. It started of as a joke calling her Mommy but then it became ever so comfortable. Anita's mother, Deborah is also one of our translators and she is so very sweet. We had the opportunity to be with her on her birthday... Even though no one told us it was her birthday until 8 o'clock at light. The whole team sang Happy Birthday to her on the bus. It was precious! 

We are now all on the plane heading back to Houston with 6 hours left in the flight. While in India I could stay longer but now that the return has begun I am ready to be home! I am excited to eat American food, take a hot shower, and sleep in my own bed... But of course most of all I am ready to hug and kiss Bob and hug and love on my sweet girls. Being away and surrounded by so much hurt makes me long for what I have. I have it good! I am sick to death of all the complaining we as Americans feel like we need to vocalize all the time. It truly is unnecessary and none of that complaining points back to our Creator. I am going to be making some personal changes when I get home, but I will elaborate more on this later.

I have been asking God why he sent me... It really made no sense at the beginning of our time in India, but as I continued to ask and minister to so many I began to hear it clearly. It's not about me and what I can do. It's simply about going with an open heart and ready to jump in as needed. I was there to encourage and be a servant as Jesus was. I believe I gave and poured myself out every single day for the glory of my King. I did not have a particular task but I was simply there to give every ounce of myself. I am so very thankful The Lord sent me and so very thankful he led people to give and provide for my trip. It was certainly and eye opener and a time to learn even more. I am truly thankful and overwhelmed.

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TAMI HARMS said...

You bless me in your telling of your story.
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