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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Blind Faith

The Lord has really been asking a lot of me lately. Not so much to go and do, but simply to listen and walk by faith. He isn't giving me a reason or answering my why, but simply asking me to blindly follow him. This is so hard because I like to know details! 

First, he asked me to go to India with no details. I would ask "Why? What do you want me to do?", but he gave me no answer but to simply go.  I had no problem with that because I love India! But, it was kind of hard when I was there to see everyone shine in their certain position given and me I was just hanging out in the background. Father brought me to many Scriptures all saying not to worry, so I trusted in his Word and gave it to him. Going to India was not about me and what I can do, but simply being a servant and loving and encouraging others.

Now that I am home he is pursuing me with something that makes no sense. I am having a hard time wrapping my brain around what he is asking me to do. I can't tell you right now, but when it is official I will make an announcement. He is asking me to give up something very close to my heart and to be obedient and walk by blind faith. I hear him but it makes no sense. I am scared in what I will lose. Praying and seeking his Word is all I can do... If you feel lead I would appreciate prayers to the one true God.

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