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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Where is HOPE?

Hope. This word has been on my mind for a while. Why do we run from it? Why do we think it isn't real? It seems like to me that HOPELESS is used more than HOPE. Do we think we are completely hopeless that there is nothing for us to hope in? I mean all the time we put other things in front of what HOPE could do for you. Does this make sense? Let me break this down...

What do you put your HOPE in? If you had a life threatening illness in your body, where would you go to find HOPE and peace? I mean some people put there hope in the earth and they think the earth can heal you. The earth is a big floating mass with living things on it. Some people put their hope in rocks, plants, the sun, etc. What do those do for you? Rocks can be pretty... but that only lasts for a little while. Plants can be nice and smell nice, but eventually they die or I lose interest. The sun is awesome because it warms me and gives me vitamins I need, but I complain about it and lose interest. But, I am attracted to the light... more than any of the other objects I mentioned because I was created by God, who is light. Now this is not just any old light... it isn't part of any other religion... this light is not a god or rolled up in any of the things that some people worship. No... No... No... this is a light that only a few understand. Many people are very confused about this light, but this light was God breathed and was created to attract us because He is Light. This light is in me. When you truly believe the Truth (and when I mean Truth... I mean Scripture). My HOPE is in this bright Light... If I had a life threatening disease in my body He would be who I would go to and put my HOPE in. No rock or plant or sun could heal me, but my Light who is the one true God could! To many times we make things to difficult for ourselves... we let other things take the place of really what can take care of us and we will put our hope in the earthly things that can do nothing except give us a temporary satisfaction.

People lose HOPE in dreaming. I think this happens because we go out into the big world, get a job, and we get settled in comfortable living a comfortable mediocre life. We get married and have kids and are dreams are completely sucked out of us by then. Am I right? Nothing is more true than kids getingt more expensive as they get older. You just think diapers are expensive... then when they get older they want to ride horses, dance, and be in every activity known by man. What is your answer when your kids ask to be part of all these activities... maybe just one of these activities?? Is it NO? Aren't you sick to death of saying no? I have gotten so sick of saying no and hearing myself say no... it makes me want to vomit! When do we decide to change? Does this mean get a 2nd or 3rd job... NO! When is enough... ENOUGH? I have had enough and I am taking LIFE into my own hands... and I have found HOPE again. My dreams are being dreamed again. Don't get the first HOPE I talked about confused with what I am talking about now. But, this HOPE is to have a second chance on everything you ever dreamed about long ago.

But, then there is the question... Are ready to work for this HOPE? To push yourself to a new limit? To say who cares what anyone else thinks because I am fighting for my FAMILY and to DREAM! I will tell you that HOPE of having the freedom of dreaming is in one company that has been around for 20 years... Advocare. Don't shut me out! I am not kidding... my financial freedom, of being able to say YES is happening through Advocare.

But usually as soon as you mention a direct sales company people turn up their nose and turn away not even giving it a chance. Same thing happens to eternal HOPE... people can't believe there is One God, who has done all that the Truth tells us has happened. They turn their noses up and walk away and put their HOPE in things that they can wrap their minds around. Being able to wrap your mind around something seems easier, but in the end it won't.

Working 2 to 3 jobs may sounds more logical (to you not to me)... but life can be A LOT easier. You just have to have HOPE.

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