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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Over Flowing with Blessings

Today was exactly what I needed... I got to spend time with my Bhutanese friends. Not that they are different from my other friends... well... maybe they are. I don't sit with my friends like I sit and visit with them... nothing has to be said... nothing is expected... just to sit and enjoy each others company. We sat for about 2 hours in the ministries apartment just hanging out... I sat there listening and talking to them, having conversations in their beautiful Nepali language. I sat there watching them act just like you and me... laughing at each other. My heart is full when I sit and visit amongst my friends.

Another wonderful thing today was I got to spend time with Margie. Margie is full of wisdom. She is a missionary, evangelist and also the founder of Loaves & Fishes that serves the Bhutanese Refugees here in Houston. I shared my heart to her, the visions I have been having, and the prayers I am needing. Oh, what a beautiful woman of God she is... I try to soak up as much as I possibly can from her everytime we are together. You never know how much time we are given on this earth and how soon we may be taken away... I love this sweet lady and I pray one day when I grow up I will be just like her in my walk and faith in the Lord.

Then my day ended with my dear sister. I wasn't planning on visiting long with her, but then as I was leaving she said she had made some noodles for me that were not spicy. This is huge because I don't really care for spicy food and she made a dish for me that she knew I would like. My heart was full. So I stayed longer and ate this delicious meal and the great thing is she sat and ate with me. Usually I am the only one eating, so I took this time as a very special moment between the two of us. There was no husband around and the baby was sleeping. We had a quiet and good conversation. What a blessing to my soul this time was, because my sweet sister will be leaving Houston in a few months and I may never see her again. It makes me sad that her family is leaving, but these moments together... just like today I will treasure forever.

This January will be my 2 year anniversary serving the Bhutanese Refugees of Houston. I have learned so much about the people I love so dearly... I have learned how powerful love and relationships can be in the way to evangelize. I have made friendships I never thought in a million years and just because some of them may not worship Yahweh... I have faith and trust the time, love, and relationship between us will not be empty, but the Lord has a great plan for them. I pray that they will come to know Yahweh as their personal Lord and Savior, because I know with everything in me no one is never to far gone and the Lord is bigger than we could imagine.

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