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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Ladies Alive 2013

Since I have become part of Advocare I have realized I have crushed my dreams that I use to have... they are crushed so badly that is hard to remember what they were. Yes, my dreams have changed since getting married and having kids, but I use to know what I wanted... now all I think about is how we are all going to survive the next day. I have been is survival mode for a long time... and I know many have done this and everyone's survival modes look different, but that is where I have been.

Saturday, was a big event with Advocare called Ladies Alive. As we crush our dreams we tend to crush ourselves and forget who we are... we let survival mode kick in and we lose ourselves. We let doubt and fear cripple us. Yesterday, I realized I am worth it and my dreams are worth it and my family is worth it! I am not going to let satan cripple me and put words in my head to make me feel like I am worthless. I am fighting for my family and teaching my kids to dream (not that they need help with that)... but teach them when they grow up they don't have to squash their dreams, but that life is an adventure. My life is an adventure and it is going to be adventurous!

So, my goal is to help other families cast vision... to dream again. If you are my friend, you will hear from me. If you have squashed your dreams to nothing... find me! I will be searching for those people who are ready to come out of the survival suit and live on the edge... who are ready to take that leap to the unknown. The unknown can be scary... but the unknown also can hold some AMAZING ADVENTURES!

Here are my dreams at this moment...
1. Pay off credit card debt by Jan. 1
2. Pay cash for a Disney trip in August 2014
3. Pay cash for New Delhi mission trip in September 2014
4. Iron Man Triathlon (Bob's dream)

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