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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Hailee's 9th Birthday

It is so fun to celebrate birthdays, but there is something extra special to celebrate your child's birthdays. Today Hailee is 9 years old! Her last year in single digits... then for the rest of her life she will be in the double digits. WOW! This year... has been big! I have seen my oldest child become more mature and more responsible... it is crazy how this happens. Hailee's personality has matured... she is growing up seeing things clearer and seeing things that are important. Don't get me wrong she is still a 9 year old, who gets upset when things don't go her way, she is "Queen of Cheating" at games and a sore loser, she loves stuff and loves to hoard, and the list could go on...

What I am talking about is she sees people when they are in need or having a hard time and she will make the decision to help them. I have heard stories from her teachers and friends of mine of Hailee being selfless and wanting to help. Her teacher was just telling me the other day the kids in her class look up to her as a leader... completely different child than she was a year ago.

Hailee helps me around the house and helps me with Heidi. I am watching my first born blossom right before my eyes. There is a sense of trust and respect I am feeling for this child as she grows. I believe her eyes are opening to more than what this world can offer us, but she is seeing there are things that we as believers in Jesus do because we are called to help those in need. You may be thinking... "What does this have to do with God? Maybe she is just sweet natured." I would tell you yes, she is sweet natured, but we as a family don't just go about this life watching the people who need help... we act. She has seen me long enough going and doing what God has told me to do... and when she would ask why we are doing a certain thing... I would tell her because God told me to do this and I will not go against him. I would also tell her God must have a very important reason why he has told me to do this. Maybe it was for just a time as this... she has watched it long enough that now she understands it is more than a feeling of feeling bored, but it is for the purpose of doing for a bigger reason than ourselves, but to bring glory to our Father in heaven.

So today, we celebrate Hailee. I went and had lunch with both girls and Hailee picked McDonalds (yuck!), I dropped cupcakes off at the school for her class to enjoy, after school we will go shopping, and tonight for dinner she has chosen to eat at the Rain Forest Café... so we are all excited!

I am blessed!

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