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Monday, November 11, 2013

God Day

Today has been a crazy God filled day. First of all, I was privileged to meet with a fellow Bengali from Bangladesh today and as we talked he knew all the people I had met over there last year. It was amazing! Such a small country filled with over 150 million people and this one man and I knew the same people. Amazing! My new friend, Samir was also part of a testimony we heard from Jaytesh on God's great faithfulness and provision. It was an amazing time today and I learned so much. Finding that bridge between each religion to point to Jesus... really they all point to Jesus.

Second, I have decided to quit pushing against the Lord and just trust him. I have been trying to raise money for my next mission trip to India in September 2014, but I have not had much success. I haven't had much success because I have been ignoring the Lord. He has been telling me for a while now that He would be providing but not through fundraising. He has told me over and over again Advocare will provide, but I ignored him because I was not trusting him. Bob and I have plans to take the girls to Disney World next summer and my Advocare income is going to pay for it, but I was limiting God and telling him He couldn't do both. I kept telling Him "that is so much money all at once... no way can that be done!" But today it has hit me... who am I to limit and infinite all powerful God? Nothing is to much for Him!

So, I tell you now... I am surrendering myself and believing and having faith the Lord can do more than I could ever imagine. I have faith he will provide for both Disney World (in August) and the mission trip to India (in September). I will keep you all updated on the wonders of God!

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