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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Busy and Changing...

WOW! I have not written since June!! WOW! What is wrong with me? Oh... its life. Life has gotten busy and transforming. I was in the winter phase of my walk with the Lord for about 2 years and NOW I am in the spring phase. Does this make sense? I have been reading a book off and on called Spiritual Rhythm: Being with Jesus Every Season of Your Soul by Mark Buchanan. This book talks about the different seasons of your faith. Anyways... I am in Spring and it is crazy! But, I am learning to enjoy it.

In May, I began working my home-based business Advocare and it is providing in so many ways. First way is I have lost 60 pounds, healthier, and happier and second way is it is providing extra income for our family. Plus, it is giving other people a chance to change their lives in weight loss or having a Plan B.

Then in August, school began and I have become every involved in things going on there as well and it has been fun to meet new people and stretch myself in a way I would not have chosen. Only by the grace of God am I on the path that I am... and I am enjoying where I am and what he is doing.

I am going to be making more time to blog... I have really missed sharing my heart and recording what the Lord is up to in this life.

My sweet Hailee turns 9 next week and we are having her birthday party this up coming weekend. I can not believe it has been 9 years since the birth of my first born... I am having a hard time wrapping my mind around it, but it sure is sweet. I will share more on this child and how her character has grown and how her beautiful spirit has poured out on others.

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