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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Waiting for Summer to Begin...

I am eagerly awaiting summer to begin. I am eagerly waiting for the last day of school and that we will all be home under one roof having summer fun! I can't wait until the busyness of the school year to be done and the "laziness" of summer to begin. I am excited about VBS starting soon and the preparation that goes along with all of that. I am excited about where the Lord is leading me.

I am SO excited on how I hear of the good news of people coming to a revelation of who God is... don't get me confused about God. The God I am talking about is the one true God, who breathed and spoke the Word in motion. The God I am talking about is the God, who breathed life into us. The God who people were confused about or angry at... they are learning of His great forgiveness and unfailing love. So many people are learning of his promises written in His word. I am overjoyed!

Great things are happening with the Bhutanese as all different Hindu casts are coming together and sitting together having conversation together. I believe they are seeing our love we have as believers in Jesus and our joy through our salvation and that is making them very curious.

Big things are happening through His Kingdom.

This picture was taken on Mother's Day. I am overjoyed by the path the Lord has me on.

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