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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Turning to God for more than...

So while my grandmother, who I call Mom was in the hospital we watched on TV this preacher give a sermon. He read and spoke on Amos. I am not expert on the Bible and truthful have not read through Amos (more than likely), but the sermon spoke a lot about these days we have been experiencing as a country.

We have been experiencing a lot of hurt and attacks on our country lately especially the Boston bombing and all that goes a long with this horrible terror. The police believe they have found the suspects and after the last one was caught and arrested the whole city of Boston was celebrating in the streets shouting "USA USA USA!" It was like they were routing for a US team in the Olympics or something but, no... It was excitement over the victims being caught and in critical conditions. Don't get me wrong... I am happy he was caught and justice will fall upon them but, I am not sure how I feel about the shouting in the streets. Do you?

Of course during this time the country is coming together and praying... Praying for the victims, the families of the victims, and for God to intervene and fix all the bad stuff going on but, Why do we turn to God for a short time?? Why do we turn to him only when we need him or something? Is God a genie?

I believe things in our world will get worse before they get better. I believe this is only the beginning of hurt and blood shed. We should not seek The Lord just when we need him but, everyday (even when we think we don't need him)! There is stuff going on every single day that hurts or brings terror upon families and God simply once us to turn to Him and nothing else of this world.

What is going to happen now? We are going to return to our selfish ways and turn our backs on God. He is a God, who is jealous for us! We are not going to see calmness until people of this world quit turning their back on Him and start seeking God as the answer to our problems. I know I sound crazy but, nothing is going to get better without Him.

Think about it. Try praying to him everyday throughout the day for one month... I bet you anything He will change your life.

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