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Monday, April 15, 2013

The Calling of my Heart

The nations are my calling... I think you all know this, but what you don't know is the constant aching of my heart when He changed my plans. My heart my mind is always with my brothers and sisters in Bangladesh. I have a deep love for the Bengali people. I know and I still feel I will return, but I am guessing the Lord has a different plan on when I will return. He has put a deep calling in me to go to Jordan... in Jordan there is a new ministry our church has begun partnering with. This ministry helps the Syrian Refugees who had to flee from Syria due to the violent and unsafe environment. Some of the Syrians have lived in Jordan for over 20 years and they are just waiting for their home country to calm down so they can return home. My heart aches for refugees... I couldn't imagine being forced out of your home country and told to start a new life or a temperary life in an unfimilar land.

My heart yearns to return to Bangladesh and maybe it will but, right now the country is not doing well. We don't even know if they next trip in October will happen. There is so much uncertainty right now... But I do know what the Lord is telling me and even though it breaks my heart I have said yes to going where He leads me.

I am excited for where the Lord is taking me next and excited for the new adventure of meeting new people and loving them as Christ loves them.

I will give a new update... when I hear more clearly on what is next.

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