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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Many thoughts No words

Lately, there have been many thoughts going through my mind... most of my thoughts are wrapped around this world we have become. My heart aches for those who do not know their Savior and are out there doing this on their own. Soon that days will be so bad that I fear for the lives that feel alone. But, I do know that God knows this... He knows my heart, the lost people's heart, and everyone's concerns and fears. I pray as the lasts days come closer many who do not know their Maker will be at a point that they will hear the whisper of God and that by the grace and mercy of our Lord will soften their hearts to the point of throwing away the confussion. I believe so much of our pride keeps away from becoming closer to our God... maybe even to not knowing Him.

I never know what the Lord has for me each and everyday but, every morning I pray for His path for me that day would be evident and that I would be obedient to follow Him. Am I obedient everyday? No. But, He is teaching me everyday and revealing to me my wrong and I take that as a lesson and warning.

May we not hide behind our doors and may we get out and shine the Light we were given as a gift.

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