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Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Last night I found out my grandmother (I call her Mom), who is like a mother to me had a stoke earlier in the day. She assumed it was something else and did not go to the hospital. So now I am in Tyler, TX anxiously waiting to see her.

I am sleeping in her house, in her bed tonight. I love her room because she has pictures covering the walls. Old and new photos of her family, pictures and photos from her travels around the world, drawings from students (when she was a teacher), and diplomas of all her accomplishments. This room is filled with memories!

All day today I have thought about life. We never know when our last day will be, we never know when we will meet with a loved one for the last time, and we never will know when sickness will fall upon us.
But as I have been thinking about Mom a lot today I have thought of all she has been through... Loss of a child, loss of husbands, sickness that has fallen upon her, the list can go on... She has never left her Makers side. I am sure she has questioned Him etc, but she is the one that presses on knowing Jesus when know one else is. She is the one that never gave up on me and keep bringing me back to Jesus when I would be with her.

I believe Mom has more time on this earth and I know she will not take it for granted because she has been given a life of heart ache but she keeps pushing on.

I hope and pray we can use her faith as an example to live by... No matter how bad or hard things may get... We have One who is right be side us ready to carry us to our next journey. To live this life for what it was given to us for... To love one another and cherish our memories.

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