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Saturday, April 27, 2013


Fundraising is not my favorite thing to do... not because I have to do work or anything like that... It is not my favorite thing because I hate asking for money. Even though I am not literally asking for money... I know doing the fundraiser is for money and everyone participating know I need money. But, the Lord teaches me through these times to put my pride aside and let him worry about that. I was very anxious and unsure about this fundraiser that I did today, because I was not having the response I had from the last child watch fundraiser. Last year we had 22 kids in our home and we raised so much money! I was comparing this fundraiser to last years... but God gave me a light slap and said "It doesn't matter how much you will raise in this fundraiser, but have faith I WILL PROVIDE!" So, I rested in that... and he did provide! He sent more kids than I was expecting... Plus I had the joy to build relationships with the next generation. Nothing is sweeter than having a conversation with a sweet 7 year old on why I am doing this and where and what God is calling me to do. Even though Bob and I are tired... we are beyond blessed!

Plus, to make this day even brighter the Lord is starting a new friendship with a neighborhood lady. I am amazed at how our miraculous Creator works and how His timing is always perfect. I few months ago some women were challenged to walk their neighborhood and prayer walk. I did that and I am beginning to see the fruit. I am amazed at God's beautiful glory and tender care for us as we step out and do something a little uncomfortable to our World's view.

I am weak in my flesh, but overly strong in my Spirit.

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