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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Women will be Women

Women will be women no matter where they live, what language they speak, or how much money they have. This blog post was inspired by a young lady, who did not want her picture taken today. I was wanting to get s picture of all these Bhutanese ladies sitting on a couch. Well as soon as I said "Everyone look at me!" She turned her head and moved from the couch. It made me think... How many times have I done that? How many times have you done that? Most women always take a double take on what they are wearing or how their hair or make-up look. So just because she is Bhutanese and comes from a different part of the world she was worried about the same thing you and I would worry about before we got our picture taken.

Then it made me think about my travels to India and the things we found out about the ladies there. Even though the women we met had been through the hardest things you could ever imagine... they were still women. They would get together with their girlfriends and would talk about their husbands, or mother-in-laws (which I NEVER do)... JUST LIKE YOU AND I!

Women are women no matter what! But, as women sometimes we get consumed with what others have and then we see how pretty it is and we WANT one just like it. We were once content but then discontent falls upon us. But, when the Lord reveals to us our sin or how much we already have... it is convicting. Today I took a sweet Bhutanese friend to Michael's (a craft store) to get her some more yarn to crochet to finish a project she had been working on for a while. She was very persistent that I take her TODAY! I was pleased to take her because this young lady doesn't ask for much and she melted my heart the first time I ever met her. Thankfully we found the yarn and we got back to the apartments and we parted ways (after I got a hug). I went to visit a dear friend and told her where I was and that I took the lady to get yarn... I thought my sweet friend might get jealous or maybe a little upset, but she didn't. She told me how much she really liked the young lady and that she loves how simple she is. My sweet friend it so right.

Then I began to ponder on being simple. The Lord has been making my life very simple lately. He has been directing me to where I should go and how this is time to be still and quiet. He has simplified me. He has also made me realize I don't need a lot of stuff to make me happy, but he has filled my heart with a lot of love. So much love I don't know what to do with it all, but sometimes just to cry. I think we all need to simplify... actually I have talked to 2 different people today, who have told me they are simplifying stuff in their life or down sizing. WOW God! He always catches me off guard in an awesome way! And another thing the Lord has shown me is as He has been simplifying lives... He has been uniting hearts.

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