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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Quiet... Shhh...

Last year, the Lord really began to pull me away from people, activities, etc. He told me this was a time for quiet. And let me tell ya' He wasn't kidding. This year also continues to be very quiet and He intended on that as well. Truthfully, He has secluded me to my family and that is about it... occasionally I will have friends over, but not much. Don't get me wrong you are invited and I love to have a good conversation... this is all God. I know it sounds crazy that He would seclude me from believers but, truthfully this has been a good time. The noise and distraction of the business is gone... I can't blame that anymore for taking my time away from God. But, of course I have made new distractions and Father is now telling me I need to get rid of those too. :)

When I returned home from Bangladesh I began a fast from Facebook and it was so good. During the day light hours I would not be on Facebook, but when that sun went down I was all about catching up on what the day brought. I began getting caught up in it again and my fasting ended and Facebook over took my time with God. This week I have started again... staying off Facebook during the day light hours and let me tell you... it feels so good. My mind is not bogged down on what is going on with everyone but, simply frees me from bondage to my idol.

My life continues to be very quiet. I talk to no one all day unless you call or I call, or I see you out and about and we talk... that's it and so simple. I dreaded this seclusion at first, but not so much anymore. :)

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