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Monday, February 4, 2013

Even though...

Even though I am a believer and a follower of my Lord Jesus Christ... I catch myself still having doubt in this life but, lately He has been teaching me He has it all under control. Even though I am an adult and have children it is hard to think Father has a plan for my child even though she is so young... He is planning her future as we speak. Laying things out in her path that I wish would be easier for her... wishing I could help her in her "problems" and "difficulties". I can do all I can in my own power... but I CAN NOT do it all. I am having to let go and let God. He has her perfect little life in His hands and He is shaping it into how He will receive His glory. Now is the time for her to begin to be shaped and refined to face what is next. I hope and pray even through these difficulties in her young little life, she will look up to her Creator and know without a doubt He's got this. I pray my life can be an example to her and encourage her... I pray the Lord will speak to her sweet quiet Spirit and fill her with everything she needs.
Today in a school, where one of my Aunt teaches junior high math, there was a shooting... a young boy took his own life because, he thought there was no other way. I pray our Father has mercy on his soul and gives him the comfort he did not get here on this earth. This school is in a small town in Oklahoma and it makes me think of all the parents, teachers, etc. probably thought "Oh, a shooting will never happen here..." and it happened. How many of us think this very same thing? Even though I could NEVER imagine in a million years what it would feel like to lose one of my babies but, if it did happen and this was the will for my child's life... I know I would mourn and be filled with unimaginable grief, but I pray I will rejoice in the day of meeting her again and rejoice that she is with God, the sustainer of life, comforter, and lover of our souls.
Even though things in this life go totally opposite of what I had imagined it always turns out to be the most amazing life! God has gone over and above... and my words will never come close to explaining how amazing my Father is and what He has done in my life so far... I can't wait to see what is next and praise His holy name as I walk through this life being covered by His grace and mercy.

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