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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What do we know of Creation?

Seriously! What do we know about the creation story? Yes, we know God started in the beginning, we know he created everything in 6 days, we may or may not know everything he created or the order that he created it in, and we may not even know why he even did it at all if he new how it would all turn out.

I am studying creation right now as it will be the first story I share tomorrow (along with everyone else in the class) in my Gospel Story Telling class. I am learning a lot! Yes, I knew the basics but, in these 7 days my Creator has taught me a lot. The crazy thing is he has taught me about his Creation through using some sign language. He has shown me how I learn (which I knew but still kinda crazy)... I learn visually and by doing. So he has begun his good work in me and teaching me through my hands. Which as I write this it is beginning to make sense and my stomach is turning.

Father has begun to reveal to me why he has created this world in the order he has... On day 1 he said let there be light and there was light but, why in day 4 does he begin talking about this light again... I think he had begun the light because it was so stinkin' dark before and as he began to make things grow he realized they didn't need constant light anymore but, time to rest and cool off with maybe some dew. Yes, he began making land and planting before the sun and moon but, maybe they needed that time to grow rapidly. Who knows but, things are starting to make since to me now.

Today has I was working on my story telling I began to break into tear when I got to day 5... It made me realize how much he truly cares about his creation. God made the creatures in the sea and the birds that they will be unique in their own kind. God saw this as good and blessed them and said go multiply and fill the earth. He said this about fish and birds... How much more was he pleased about man in his own image.

So getting to day 6 and the creation of man is quite overwhelming... God wanted someone to look like him and have characteristics like him so, he created out of dust from the ground and his on breathe in mans nostrils... And there he was... Perfectness in God's eyes and God named man Adam. God saw Adam needed a helper... So what did God do? He put Adam quietly asleep, removed a rib out of Adam's own body and made woman. This woman was given the name Eve.... And you know what the best part was to me... God saw that this was VERY good and he blessed them and said be fruitful and multiply and be in charge of all the animals of the earth. What a huge job!!

The biggest thing The Lord spoke to me about this whole creation of man and women thing is... God created man first and he did this for a very important reason... Because man was to be head/in charge and woman came a long to be the helper, to compliment the man. Truthfully, what is wrong with that? This has gotten lost in translation as the times have changed... And you may say "Well the Bible was written over 2000 years ago." Or "God wouldn't want use to lower ourselves to anyone... We are all equal." Or "The Bible has been translated so many times that the true meaning has gotten lost." My answer to all of this is God's Truth is the same from the beginning of Genesis to the end of Revelation... God's word NEVER contradicts itself (no matter what translation), and no matter if it is 2000 years later from when all this was written it doesn't say anywhere in the Word if the world changes you can change too.

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