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Saturday, January 26, 2013

The new year...

I have been wanting to write for quite a while but, kept putting it off. I don't get on my computer much anymore but, do everything from my phone. What is this world coming to? LOL! I am loving technology because, as I am laying in bed I had this sudden urge to write but, since I am so lazy I decided to see if blogger has an app... Guess what... It did! So here I am typing my first blog of the new year through my phone! :)

A lot has been going on... Last year was more than I could ever imagine and prayers were answered that I didn't realize were being answered. Does that make sense? I had been praying all year (maybe a little before 2012) that Father would break my heart for what breaks His... And He did his and continues! This year He is continuing to break me and He is having me pray for things that have been aching in my heart for a while now. An aching that is so deep and close to me that it hurts to pray for... But, Father is a God, who is able to do ANYTHING! I can't even imagine what He has planned for these prayers I am earnestly praying for. This year is going to probably be my hardest yet... He is asking BIG things from me! One of them is giving up my control I think I have in this family and giving it to my husband. You got it... Submitting to Bob. The love of my earthly life... Giving it to him... No wait... Giving it to God! Nothing is of my own. I am and never have been in control of what I thought I was in control of... The second thing the Lord has told me is that I will be doing A LOT of praying! I just thought I prayed a lot last year... That was nothing! He has given my every thought since the beginning of this year to prayer. Yes... I cannot think of a single thought He has put in my brain that had nothing to do with someone or something to pray about... I am totally serious! I am not taking this lightly...

The prayers I am praying and the submitting I am praying about etc.... HURTS! It is a constant aching and weeping. Recently, I was in a dark funk... Do I know why? Yes and no. Yes meaning I was overwhelmed by all The Lord is asking of me ALREADY! No meaning satan is playing with me on this or I simply do not know. All I do know is that my Father has got it all under control. Once again I thought I had it but, really... truthfully... I do not!

So, this is about all that has been going on... Oh yea, I started a Bible study class at church, learning how to Gospel story tell. I am so excited! Our first assignment is Genesis 1-2... In the beginning... Father really revealed Himself to me the other day and truly opened my eyes to His creation that I have never seen before. It was simply the most beautiful moment.

Well my friends, it is midnight and I feel so much weight off my shoulders by writing. Thanks for listening and please excuse the mistake because, I am not proof reading. Goodnight

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