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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Rejoicing in Thanksgiving

I have really been thinking about thanksgiving lately 1. because Thanksgiving is right around the corner and 2. because the trip to Bangladesh really makes you think about what you are truly thankful for. I am on Facebook and a lot of people are posting things they are thankful for... such as chocolate chips, cell phone, a comfy bed, and the list can go on and on. Don't get me wrong I am not criticizing and I too am thankful for those small things, but truly deep down what are we thankful for?

I personally don't think I am thankful enough for what the Lord has given to me. I take everything for granted... my kids, my husband, money, our house, my time, friends and family. We all do this... but every single moment of every single day we should be thanking the Lord for every little thing he has placed in our lives. Sending me to Bangladesh has opened my eyes and my heart... I can't stop thinking of His unfailing love and how He never gives up on me, but in a blink of an eye I give up on Him. He has shown glimpses of His glory to me and for that I am thankful. I am thankful for the moments that He speaks to me so clearly and even thankful for the times I don't think it is so clear, but my holy God choosing to speak to me makes me so thankful for my Father, who is jealous for me and never gives up the pursuit for me.

This Thanksgiving I am thankful for my Father's unfailing never ending love... a never ending pursuit for my heart. The desires He has put in my heart that line up with His desires... the awareness of how.. yes He loves me, but He loves others (such as unbelievers) so much too. The awakening of the Holy Spirit that resides in me and that I get to abide in. For this I am thankful.

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