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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Forever Friend in Bangladesh- Mortuza

I am changing my blogging about Bangladesh up a bit, because one of the best things about this trip was being able to build relationships. Below are pictures of my brother in Christ, Mortuza. I first started talking to him through Facebook (a couple of weeks before we left). We had not met yet, but I was very excited to meet him. When we got off the plane in Dhaka and we gathered all our bags (which took forever) he was there waiting for us. This man took a piece of my heart while we were in Bangladesh. He is very special to me. From the very beginning of meeting him we were instantly friends. He would ask me all kinds of questions about America and our lives over here and I was very honest with him about how we live our lives. I hope I didn't turn him off from wanting to visit America one day. LOL! He would say "I have so many questions.". I would tell him "Ask all the questions you want."
We got to meet Mortuza's family at dinner in Dhaka our first night in Bangladesh. To be truthful it was not long enough to really get to know his wife and kids. I hope next year we will be able to spend more time with them. I would like to hear her version of being married to Mortuza, because I heard a little of his version of being married. Not bad... just a man's version.
 Here we are in Chittagong and the day before we went shopping. Gil and Brian bought themselves a lungi, so here is Gil getting assistance on how to put this lungi on. Mortuza jumped right in and showed Gil how to tie it.

 Here we are in Cox Bazar and we were on our way to the beach to check out the sunset and have a coconut. So, Mortuza and I shared a Tricycle Rickshaw (this is my name for it). Aren't we cute? I felt so bad for the little Rickshaw peddler, who had to pull us around. LoL! But, he did a great job! I paid him double for pulling us around. LOL! I think Mortuza thought I was crazy, but oh well. :o) Mortuza is truly a good friend. He took Brian, Andrea, and I to the market one night to buy some henna for the next day for the girls at the sewing center and we were on a mission! The next night I wanted to go shopping (because I had to buy gifts) and no one else wanted to go, so Mortuza took me shopping. Truthfully I think he likes to shop and plus he is so patient, so he is the one to go with on a night on the town. LOL!

 This man loves the Lord! He has been working for his Savior for a long time. Here he is at Cox Bazar sharing the story on Creation and he was gettin' down with sharing the Truth of creation. I am proud to call him brother and thankful for his willingness to get out of his boat to share the Truth in a country that is not always so easy to share the truth with.

So here it is... the 3 brothers, who stole my heart and Mortuza is the oldest. There really are no words to describe my love for these men. I truly see them as brothers... on the right is Joe (the middle brother) and on the left is Salauddin (the baby brother). I will talk more about the other brothers a little later, but the one thing that stood out to me is the respect the sibling have for the oldest... it is almost like they treat the oldest, Mortuza like a father. Salauddin and I were talking one night and he was talking about how when we (Americans) talk we might hit or touch the other person we are talking to and he said he would never do that to Mortuza, his oldest brother as a respect thing. I was very surprised by that and I caught myself several times during our visit in Bangladesh doing that very thing. It is amazing the things we do in our culture that we don't think twice about... for instance touching... a woman touching a man is WRONG and that was one of the hardest things for me. All I wanted to do was HUG! I couldn't hug or touch any of these men that made such a huge impact in my life... all I wanted to do was HUG! I cried because I could not hug (more on this later).
Back to my brother, Mortuza... the Lord has big things for him and I see it and I know it. I pray he will continue to seek the Lord with all that is in him. I pray he will not grow stagnate and that he will continue to spread our Father's Good News throughout the world of the lost and I pray for much fruit for our Father's Kingdom. I am thankful to the Lord for a man like Mortuza and I am thankful for His love for our Father. I pray the flame will never be burnt out, but that it would be kindled and burning hot. I love you, my brother.

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