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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Bangladesh Part 1

I haven't blogged in while because I think I was busy with all the new things going on in our lives and preparing to leave for Bangladesh. Our team left for Bangladesh October 27 and we returned home November 7. It was such an amazing trip and the Lord revealed Himself in a way I had never imagined. So, I am going to start from the beginning...

We left Houston around 6:30 p.m. on October 27 and arrived in Dubai 16 hours later. It wasn't such a bad flight because the plane wasn't full and we all had some room to stretch out. We arrived in Dubai and we had about a 7 hour layover and then we were on our way to Dhaka, Bangladesh. We landed around 9 a.m. on October 29 and headed to our hotel and rested up a bit. On our way to the hotel we were overly surprised how un-crowded it was and the streets were so clean. Then we remembered it was the holiday of Eid... I would compare it to how serious we take Christmas. Everyone was gone on holiday, no one was working... it is a 4 day holiday and everything closes down. So, it was kind of nice not to get stuck in traffic, but to drive some what normal. LOL! Once we got all our stuff upstairs we had the privilege to meet and eat lunch with a man named JayTesh. This man was in prisoned for taking Bibles to another country. He shared his story on how the Lord called him to the Muslim people even though everyone thought he was crazy, but he knew what he heard from the Lord almighty and he was not going to follow what others thought he should do, but he focused on God and his calling. JayTesh has started a ministry called Way of Life. Way of Life is to reach Muslim's to hear the Good News. He has planted churches, encourages believers, has conferences to build up and repair marriages, encourages the couples individually as they break off into men and women groups to encourage eachother, and has kid programs so the kids can be together as a body as well. JayTesh has big things going on, because he has faithfully followed our Father.

JayTesh shared his story of his imprisonment. He was traveling to a country to take Bible translated in this countries language. As he was going through security with his bag the airport security wanted to check his bag. JayTesh said okay no problem. Security checked his bag and found the Bibles and they asked him about them and why he had brought them. JayTesh told them and he came to find out it was illegal to bring the Bibles to this country and on top of that illegal to have the Bibles translated into their language. What JayTesh told us was this countries government wants to keep the language to itself... they do not want this language taken out of the borders of this country. I hope this makes sense... it is hard remembering all of these details, but anyways... JayTesh was unaware that all of this was illegal, but he was not worried. He was questioned and questioned and questioned about these Bibles and JayTesh calmly answered them with no worries or no fight. He said he was not worried. I am sure he is questioned quite often about what he is doing. LOL! Back to the story... it was a really long day of questioning, but then realty set in... the police came and arrested him. He was handcuffed for a very long time... he had to sleep on the floor in the handcuffs behind his back. He said he was so sore and it was so uncomfortable. About a day later he was put in a cell with about 30 to 40 people, and they all knew who JayTesh was from watching him get arrested on TV. He was popular! JayTesh was in jail for a total of 22 days and shared the Good News with all of them and 6 to 8 people came to know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.

Simply AMAZING! He was put in one of the worst situations and he used it for the glory of God's kingdom... He used every second to tell them all about Jesus. He knew no matter what happened it was the Lord's will. Who am I? Do I share the Good News every moment I am given? I take so much for granted and I don't have a clue how much I have been given and completely take advantage. It makes me sick to think about it, but it is reality and nothing better then it being thrown in my face.

My sister, Andrea shared with JayTesh what the Lord had prepared her to share from 2 Peter. I can't remember exactly what she read, but it was exactly written for JayTesh to hear in that very moment. Andrea did not give in and think about how crazy we might think she is, but she shared it because she trusted what the Lord had told her and prepared her to do. JayTesh was so overwhelmed by what she shared he was weeping with tears. We were all crying, because it was nothing more than the Holy Spirit swooping in and loving on JayTesh, who we had quickly come to love.

No words can describe or coming close to telling you how grateful I am to meeting this precious man. But, I am thankful for him and his testimony to God's will and grateful to have met him and to hear his story. It really puts things into perspective and for this experience I am forever changed.

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