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Friday, September 14, 2012

Does it ever make sense?

I have an annoncment... Monday, Hailee will become a little Tiger at Katy Elementary. Shocked? You might be asking "Why?". Well first off I have been hearing the Lord bring up public school for the last month and I kept puting it off... thinking okay God we will talk about this later. The prompting became stronger and I finally shared it with a friend what I thought He was suggesting. Well then, homeschooling became a battle (and it was fine before)... Hailee was crying because of how hard it was, then me getting mad at her for the tears, and yelling (yes, I admit I got so frusterated I yelled). I was not feeling it anymore... I was not feeling at ease with it anymore. I asked Hailee the scary questions "Do you like Homeschool?" She said "Yes." then I would ask "Do you want to go to public school?" and she said "No." "Why" I asked. Her reply "Because the days are long.". We talked a little more about how we need to work together and make this fun again. Well, it didn't... it got worse! So, Bob and I prayed and feel at peace with the decision to send her off into the world.

To me, this story does not make sense... the Lord told us to homeschool, homeschooled for 2 years, enjoyed homeschooling, the Lord leading us a different direction, put Hailee in public school 4 weeks after the beginning of the year. I am sure the story will continue to make no sense to me, but it doesn't matter... it is God's opinion that matters, His story, and I feel good about His leading our family. I know one day this will all come together, and I know one day we will be rewarded for our "crazy" obedience. Just right now it is hard to explain, but it is so good!

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Aimee Evans said...

Who knows what the Lord needed to protect her sweet heart from those first two years. But whatever it was, the danger is obviously out of the way and the Lord is ready to usher into another great adventure! Proud of you for listening to and following Him even when it doesn't make sense.