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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Learning by Truth

So it has been almost 2 months since I blogged last... it has been a very busy summer, but God has truly been evident. I have learned a lot this summer about his character, love, and how he has called us in righteousness. I have been overwhelmed by His presence through up and down times.

We have continued to go and visit the Bhutanese and build relationships... I have really felt the Lord calling me to do a Bible Study of some sort, but wasn't sure what that would look like or if the Bhutanese women would even be interested. So, I worked with Pastor Bhadra on getting the word out for me and we had a few Bible study meetings, but it ended up being around the time ESL classes were taking place. Then I heard from the Lord something a little bit different... reach out to the lost. I knew this from the start, but didn't think it was possible... well He gave me a vision and now it is up to me to go out in faith and trust in His plan.

In October, I will be going to Bangladesh with a team from my church to reach and love on the Jesus Muslims who want more and more of Jesus. We will be teaching them more in depth of the Gospel of Luke and I hear there will be many wanting to be baptized. A good friend of mine will be going to Bangladesh too and the Lord has led 24 Muslim women to a sewing center that a Jesus loving Muslim women has started and we will be going and making relationships with them and sharing our Jesus stories with them. We are going where God is at work and we are so very excited to see what He is doing in the 3rd largest Muslim country.

While I am trying to live my life for the Lord (well, my flesh gets in the way most of the time)... satan has been on attack. He has thrown a lot of things my way to throw me off of the straight path the Lord has laid out. All I can say is Spiritual Warfare has been on the move... and I will not let him win. I am of my Father... he has adopted me into His kingdom and I will never go back. I know where I was before and I was sad, hurt, depressed, and lost. I know who I am now... I am daughter of my living God... He resides in me... The Lord has called me in righteousness, He has taken hold of my hand, He will keep me, and make me to be a covenant to the people and a light for the lost. He is my Redeemer and nothing will take me away from Him. He is who I live my life for... on one else!

Of course... through the trials I am learning a lot and I am learning I am wrong, you are wrong, they are wrong... the only thing that is right is the Truth, the Bible. If whatever is going on does not line up with the very Word of God (changed or not changed... only God knows) then there is nothing right or truthful about what is going on. I am learning that the Word is it... It is God, the Word was there from the beginning and no one can argue with that because we were not there! Like I said, I have learned a lot... maybe not exactly how I would have liked to learn about all of this, but I am thankful for this moment. Praise be to God, my Father!


Ellen said...

Praise the LORD Sterling! I love hearing how the Lord is moving in the lives of His people! Thank you for sharing. I have missed reading your updates.

May God continue to bless you with His Truth!

Sterling said...

Thanks Ellen. A lot going on, and I always wonder.. where does the time go? LOL!